Embracing Community Arts, Culture, & Wellness since 2014

General Frequently

Asked Questions

  1. Who is your target audience? Target audience is anyone with a breath of life.
  2. Do you offer workshops for kids? Circle of Wellness offers workshops for groups and can cater to any group of age upon request, but generally most public event/workshop is  inter-generational and family friendly.
  3. How do you sustain what you do?  Currently, there is no funding. Workshops and events are offered in the community are based on group/organization's budget. Any group that is able to pay the professional fee will be supporting all the other events/sessions with limited to no funding.
  4. How can I help? You are welcome to come be a part of and share news of any of the workshops and events to anyone you think may be interested. Also greatly appreciate being connected to any potential sponsors or donations of art supplies, services, or even items that may help for silent auction booth at the annual Earth Day Kingston Celebration or Dia de los Muertos Kingston Festival. Lastly, you are welcome to sign up for the newsletter for updates and various opportunities to connect.
  5. Can you do workshops outside of Kingston? Absolutely, feel free to connect if you have a group at any location to see how we can arrange it to happen.