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Wellness Tokens

Give the gift of Wellness Tokens to your friends, family, community member, or a random stranger on the street.

These little tokens of help promote and support wellness in the community.

There are already over 40 out in the community! Passed from one person to another, it is unpredictable how far these will travel, or perhaps they will stay in the Kingston community and brought to one of our workshops/events.

Wellness Tokens come in a come in

$5 Wellness Token for $5 CAD

$10 Wellness Token for $10 CAD

 or $60 Wellness Tokens for only $50 CAD

For $50 CAD you can also purchase the The $60 Wellness Access Card as a pass for $60 worth of sessions/events ranging from a mix of singing bowl Meditations, drumming, singing, dancing, yoga, painting, crafting and more.

Stop by at any of our events to purchase. Online purchases coming soon.

By purchasing a Wellness Tokens, you are promoting and supporting community arts, culture, and wellness.